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Medium density wax for hair removal of medium hardness, contains titanium dioxide, has improved adhesion to the hairs. Contains essential oil, cocoa butter, caffeine, theophylline, has a pleasant vanilla aroma.

All ITALWAX waxes have good adhesion (ability to adhere to hairs), which ensures quick and effective depilation procedure. The hairs are removed quickly along with the roots. Client gets minimal pain during the procedure and long-lasting result depilation.

Warm ITALWAX waxes have a natural composition: pine resin and herbal additives, which guarantees a gentle effect on the skin.

ITALWAX presents a wide range of warm waxes for various hair types.

Warm wax rules:

Cartridge method

  1. Heat the wax in an electric heater to +40 ° C.
  2. Treat the skin at the depilation site with lotion or foam before depilation.
  3. Without removing the cartridge from the heater, roll the heated wax cartridge over the depilatory strip, making sure the wax is warmed up enough.
  4. Apply wax on the treated skin in the direction of hair growth.
  5. Apply the depilatory strip with the end of the strip in the wax-free zone.
  6. Press the strip firmly against your skin.
  7. Grab the free end of the strip, and with a brisk motion remove the strip in a direction opposite the hair growth, parallel to the skin.
  8. Repeat the procedure in the next section. You can apply wax on the same area no more than 2 times.
  9. At the end of the procedure, be sure to remove the remaining stickiness and wax with a post-depilation lotion.

Contraindications: acute and chronic skin diseases, varicose veins at the depilation site.

Major mistakes when depilation with warm waxes:

- improper waxing (against hair growth) and improper strip removal (for hair growth);

- tearing off the strip perpendicular to the skin - this leads to the formation of hematomas;

- repeated application of wax to the same place leads to damage to the upper layer of the epidermis.