ANTINAKIPIN for washing machines ___FURMAN (111)

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Lemon is destroying parts of the washing machine. Trust Chemists, not TV. Watch the video.

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The most sensitive functional link of the washing machine, to the greatest extent exposed to aggressive influences is a heating element. Over time, it becomes covered with mineral deposits and requires more and more electricity to reach the desired temperature, which negatively affects the efficiency of the washing machine as a whole.

Descale with a mild acidic solution that is not harmful metal parts. In its composition, it contains special additives, the so-called corrosion inhibitors, which will protect metal parts. The product does not contain citric acid. It is too weak for limescale that forms when washing in hot water. We constantly eat citric acid-Coca-Cola, lemon pie, etc. If lemon was able to cope with scale, it would dissolve our teeth (which, like scale, consist of calcium salts). The stories that it is possible to cope with scale with the help of citric acid were launched by illiterate journalists - simply lemon is the most accessible substance to the population containing acid in its name. You can convince yourself of the futility of combating limescale with citric acid. Try to clean the kettle with a lemon - the result will disappoint you.

There is no need to disassemble the machine to descale. Everything is done simply. Antiscale for washing machines is poured directly into the drum where you usually put the laundry (Yes, it is into the drum. As if you pour it into the powder compartment, the effectiveness of the antiscale may decrease. The maximum temperature setting is then set and the machine is started for one complete cycle. DO NOT LIE UP!

915782 Items
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