If you are here for the first time. - This is a wholesale site. No one will call back to confirm the order - wholesalers experienced customers can find everything they need in their personal account - upper right corner - if you click on your last name. A copy of the order with payment details will automatically be sent to the mail. After sending the order, the TNT number will also be automatically sent to the mail. The card of each product indicates how much of this product is in stock. If you can order a product, then this product is available. Pay immediately. There is no down payment. An order that has not been paid for 2 days is automatically canceled. We constantly have a queue for assembly. If you need it very urgently, you can buy a COUPON for an extraordinary assembly. It costs 70 hryvnias and is located in the COSMETICS section. The website lists wholesale prices. Do you have any questions? Write to the accounting department Viber 0935545099.


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